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Terry Keeney

mobile and web developer

burrito enthusiast

About Me

I am a developer with a passion for developing mobile applications and a deep desire to solve interesting problems. I have experience building various web applications for both the enterprise and consumers. I'm looking for the next interesting challenge to tackle, and can't stand the phrase 'it can't be done' - I've got two words for you ... "Challenge Accepted!"



Crown Partners

Senior Consultant

Simply put I make things happen. Signs of my brilliance can be seen across a wide range of projects, from a large scale integrated eCommerce solution generating millions per month, to the architecture and design of several tablet and mobile applications designed to aid in new ways of reaching both employees and customers. Most recently my days have been spent with platforms such as Elastic Path & Hybris writing Java, Javascript and building apps for Android & iOS. There are a few simple rule's of thumb:

  1. If it can be dreamed - I can build it
  2. If it "can't be done" - I will do it

Streets Ahead


Streets Ahead is a small enterprise I founded with several colleagues. It gives me an opportunity to explore technology that is outside the scope of my work for larger clients. We specialize in mobile solutions for both Android and iOS.


Bachelor of Science, Physics, Computer Science

Colorado State University

Fache No Bueno

Thanks for stopping by my site. Follow me on twitter @tkeeney. Also keep an eye out for blog posts and other announcements at Streets Ahead. Lastly you can enjoy the awesome face shown above, but remember no touching!

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