Welcome to my mini portfolio. Please check out my work below, you can find the rest of my details including contact information at You can also follow me on Twitter @tkeeney


This is a native timesheet application which allows volunteers overseas to be able to enter and update their time from an iPad. The app uses CoreData to allow for offline time entry and will then sync via web services when the user is near a WiFi connection.




This is a native iPad application that allows sales people to be able to generate groups of offers for clients. This app allows the sales person to enter their clients information and then present an attractive view to present to the client.




This is native iPad app which allows sales people to schedule and host meetings with clients. The sales person is able to search through and filter products and view detailed specs for each product.



MWC 2010

This was an iPhone proof of concept for the Mobile World Congress 2010 event. It would allow attendees to view scheduled speakers, get directions, and keep up to date on social feeds like Twitter and Facebook.




A prototype iPhone app created in some spare time. It was intended to allow users to create quick single question surveys and collect feedback from people. We created back end services using Ruby and Sinatra, and we created the app pictured here. The app never launched as we focused on client work.



Business Card Ninja

Over the course of my professional career I've acquired a particular set of skills. A set of skills that while ultimately irrelevant - may one day come in handy in the off chance there ensues a battle in which only paper based projectiles may be used. In such an emergency I now feel confident I could inflict some serious paper cuts. To date I've managed to stick 29 business cards into ceiling boards ... and the training continues.



Johnstone Supply

Ported Johnstone's mobile site to both iOS and Android adding additional native features for barcode scanning for inventory management and voice base search.


SA Forms

We created a simple framework to allow you to more quickly and easily create forms based on UITableViews. The project is open source on GitHub

For More...

You can find more information at my resume web site located at I've seriously neglected my writing over the last six months or so - but you can check out what I'm reading and the thoughts I think @tkeeney. I've also got a github account that's been fairly inactive as of late - but you're welcome to check it out.